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This forum gives you the opportunity to express your opinions about the game Eczetris or on this homepage. If questions are asked I will try to answer them as fast as possible but don't expect responses the same day. I trust all writers not to use any inappropriate or offensive language and stick to the subject of Eczetris or this homepage. Any material that does not comply with this is subject of removal.

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The Forum

Magnus - 11/22/2005 12:07:35 AM

This forum is now opened, please feel free to say something...

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Zark - 2/4/2006 8:40:21 AM

Säger hej från 10000 meters höjd över Atlanten ;-)


Zark - 2/21/2006 4:19:11 PM

Har du inte lagt upp Eczetris på
Hittade det inte där i varje fall!

RE: Nonags

Magnus - 3/5/2006 1:19:47 AM

Jag har submittat Eczetris till Nonags men de har inte velat lägga upp det...än.
Det finns annars bland annat på:

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Boman - 3/13/2006 7:59:25 PM

Digge och tetta, vicken perfekt kombination...

Increase speed with Increase Levels?

Sagasha - 8/1/2006 4:13:50 AM

Is an increase speed with increase levels in the works?

RE: Increase speed with Increase Levels?

Magnus - 8/1/2006 9:07:58 PM

That is already implemented functionality, please check out the section "How the Eczetris level system works" on the Eczetris main page. I don't have the resources to test the program on so many platforms however, so if you are of the opinion that it is not working on your computer, then please send me some information about your HW and SW configuration through the contact form.

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High Score Cheating

SoN - 12/16/2007 1:51:05 AM

It was fun and easy. Art Money away bitches.

Scores? Cheaters?

Willy Jinkens - 12/16/2007 1:53:28 AM

what is all of this cheating about?

Re: High Score Cheating

Magnus - 12/17/2007 2:48:05 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You are now entitled to download a free copy of Eczetris :-)

But hey, it should have taken you at least an hour?

Without subject

loser - 11/13/2008 3:04:48 AM

Hi, I'm loser. This forum has been deserted for so long that I wonder if the owner will see my message, but... Two days ago, I got the high score that has not changed for over two and a half years (except for the cheaters of course). As a champion, I thought it would make sense to say something about eczetris. I have searched the internet for good quality free tetris for some time. Other free tetrises on the internet always had something wrong about them. I can tell you, quite confident, that this is the best quality free tetris on the internet! It's great that making tetrises is not so important that it becomes what the game is all about, but it is still important enough that I should try to make it happen as much as I can. Other tetrises I found always have it one way or the other: either making tetrises is everything, or nothing. The balance is so rare here. It is also good that it is just one simple application, so that I can play it lightly without feeling like I am about to get into some heavy gaming. Thanks for the great game. That's why I got so much into it that I got the high score.

Speed blocks fall

DP - 9/27/2009 7:25:50 PM

Is there a way to speed up the way the blocks fall when you press the down arrow button?